Leveraging businesses to the next level

Project Based White Papers to:

  • promote the features and benefits of your products or services to potential clients 
  • direct potential clients to your organization 
  • capture your key message for potential clients 
  • build copy platforms tailored to your services or products 

executive solutions

A COMPREHENSIVE MENU OF copywriting services and business consulting

copywriting & editing

business consulting

Copywriting services to:  

  • develop rapid response letters, brochures and newsletters
  • maintain e-mail, blog pages and e-newsletters
  • write position/job descriptions, performance evaluation plans, affirmative action programs
  • develop correspondence unique to your organization's mission and markets

product based

white papers

Executive Solutions for:

  • vertical/horizontal integration for market expansion
  • improved organizational structures that better serve market options
  • moving market communications and branding to the next level
  • assessing financial risks to develop stronger financial metrics
  • facilitating strategic planning and producing action schedules

Business Consulting to:

  • improve efficiency and effectiveness of processes to leverage operations
  • identify and eliminate barriers to growth
  • determine points of resistance between support and operational functions
  • enhance communications between managers and employees
  • provide tailored training sessions to implement desired changes