Cason Solutions  delivers copywriting services and business consulting solutions by well trained employees in core competencies of business analyses and improvement.

Copywriting services

Pauline Cason, in private sector evaluated small to mid size businesses for the DoD  Mentor/Protégée Program.  She led studies for large public sector agencies of defense contractors; cost, program, and contract evaluations for high-tech weapon systems; out-sourcing studies. Her education is financial analysis, public administration and a Doctorate in management and organizational design.  AWAI verified writer.

Leveraging businesses to the next level


We tend to work in teams, modeling for our customers the benefit of multiple perspectives and considerations in problem solving. We are based in multiple cities in Florida.  We are prepared for work anywhere in the nation and in unique circumstances, abroad.  

Wendy Cason has twenty years working in the private sector as employee and owner/operator focusing on operations, administration, accounting and cultural enhancement.  Her education is in business administration with a masters of accountancy.  Wendy’s leadership talents complement the needs often accompanying the entrepreneurial/visionary individual.

We strive to meet our customers' unique, short-term, one-time or peak workload requirements in an method tailored to specific needs.  One of our defining characteristics is that all of our services and products are always documented in well written, time saving reports that our customers can refer to as often as needed. We eliminate our customers need to remember what we found or what we recommend or why.  We strive to save our clients' time; free them of mundane workload within our expertise; help them avoid the expense and learning curve of hiring new skills.  

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Employees collective experience includes over 75 years in various business sectors to include public, private, government, non-profits and small to mid-size sole proprietary businesses.  We cherish our individual and team successes, having won several multi-million dollar contracts for previous employers; received numerous individual and team performance awards; led a business to grow 400%; cleaned and organized businesses paper trails and computer applications for successful audits among many other accomplishments.

Meet our Principles


We are leveraged with technology connections and tools.  With clients we identify and project objectives, agree to methodologies, clarify deliverables and commit to time expectations.  For larger engagements, or client preference, we meet at your place of business.  The ultimate approach is up to you.  Our agreements are documented and establish our standard for client satisfaction.  

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